• Mission

    Contributing to Society
    through Backing Entrepreneurs.


  • What we do

    REAPRA Ventures focuses on the only pre-seed funding to brilliant entrepreneurs who start great businesses.

    We continuously back up these entrepreneurs by offering not only seed funding but management advices, overseas business network and more.


  • Who we are

    Shuhei Morofuji


    Shuhei is the founder/CEO of REAPRA, the parent company of REAPRA Ventures.


    Shuhei is also the founder of SMS (2175, TSE 1st Section), one of the largest Asian internet based healthcare information platforms. SMS has a presence in 13 countries and over 30 different revenue streams. It has either invested in or acquired over 20 companies globally. Shuhei was CEO for 11 years, leading the company to a Market Capitalization of $500m before relinquishing his position in 2013. He remains the largest shareholder. Personally, Shuhei is a prominent investor in start up companies and has so far invested in over 10 companies. His continued support of the start up scene, along with his skills and experience, make Shuhei a sought after business partner by entrepreneurs. Shuhei graduated with a B.A. in Economics from Kyushu University, Japan.

    Takeo Matsuda


    Takeo is CFO of REAPRA, the parent company of REAPRA Ventures.


    Prior to REAPRA, he was a successful CFO in Japan for a total of 7 years. He held the position at Groupon Japan (acquired by Groupon Inc, Nasdaq GRPN) and Enigmo (3665, TSE Mothers). Previoulsy he has been an investment banker at Lehman brothers, specializing in the TMT sector, and an auditor at Deloitte. Since 2013, Takeo has personally supported more than 10 IT start-ups in Asia as a seed investor. Takeo holds an MBA from the University of Texas, Austin and a B.A. in Economics from Keio University, Japan

  • Portfolio Companies



    To make "eating" more fun, Foodison (named for "Food" x "Edison") is pursuing to solve inconvenience associated with food and to innovate "eating" all over the world.

    As a first step, Foodison has tackled to restructure the platform of fishery distribution in Japan by leveraging Information Technology.



    Coming Soon


    Japan and Asia

    BEYOND BORDERS CO., LTD. provides a property portal site that covers Asian countries as well as one-stop real estate brokerage services for investors seeking to buy or sell overseas property.



    Conjenik is operating "ReQ!" which is a web platform to aggregate ideas/opinions for making products/services of the world better.

    SAMURAI Internet


    SAMURAI Internet is running an real estate web platform named NewPropertyList.my which can provide reliable information for new home buyers. 



    AGRIMDIA is providing some platform businesses connecting urban with farmers as well as enhancing agricultural productivities.



    Exflora is creating new platform which supports efficient operations of retailers, growers and other players in flower industry and contributes to the add value for consumers. Our platform will revive flower business in Japan and all over the world.

    Agri Community


    "To change the world of the agriculture by building platform in the agriculture". At first, we are building platform of human resource in the agriculture.



    GLOMOUTH Inc provides a wide range of services in dental industry.
    We aim to create new platform of dental industry.



    Making the future delicious, Agrigate is a vertically integrated company operating in the food sector, from production to consumption. In order to maintain a healthy life through diet, we will continually improve our service for urban residents and regional producers.



    "Bring out and arrange people's talents and possibilities to continuously foster new industries." Slogan is a human capital agency for emerging growth companies and aims to create a human-based ecosystem which generates new industries.




    "Create value in car society and contribute to society to improve the environment surrounding cars". A-cross will build a in-car cleaning standards system in the maintenance market for a in-car environment which is not well established.







  • Group

    Parent Corporation

    REAPRA PTE LTD is the parent corporation of REAPRA Ventures and the holding company of the group. 

  • Access

    Daiichi-Hoki Honsha Bldg 2F. 2-11-17, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

  • Contact

    Interested parties can contact us at info@reapra.sg   

    We welcome entrepreneurs, investors, business people, students, government organizations and more…

  • Recruiting

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